Conan – The Cook – Organic food delight in Holland – The Netherlands

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Master Chef, Conan Luidens and his band of Merry Cooking Kitchen Hands: the feeding of 600+ people three organically grown meals a day for five days (ie. 9000+ meals), during the ‘Open Up’ festival…

Plus, an brief insight into the work and care in growing the organic vegetables.

Filmed in July, 2015 at Kasteel de Berckt, Barlo (Holland, Netherlands); and at the organic vegetable farm 10kms away, at Neer Holland, The Netherlands De Woag (Province Limburg) – the farm of Boer Wiel, his wife and five children

Over 60 different vegetables are grown on the 12.5 hectare farm (plus, 10 hectares that are further rented).

We personally saw:

Pumpkin (different varieties)
Onions (spring onions; and red & white)
Sweet Potato (very special in this cool climate)
Okra (three different crops from the Andes)Mashuma
Red Cabbage
Silverbeet (green & red)
Courgettes (green, yellow, romanoes)
Salad Greens
Brussel Sprouts
Cauliflower (Green)

Clover & Lucerne (used for compost and to enrich the soil)

Spelt, Oats, Wheat ie. Grain crops (are grown every six years to disinfect the soil). The soil is used for four years for vegetable crops (sometimes 2 crops a year); then rested for two years (and grains are grown).

They water the fields with a pipe system using ground water from 40m deep.

Woodwaus (“Houtwallen”) with fruit & berry trees & hedges to attract insects – good against ‘bad’ insects.

The farmer and his wife made us feel so very welcome – thank you so much!

And Conan – you’re a Magician – the food was always on time, absolutely delicious, so fresh, and cooked with love – thank you so much for all your care and hard work – and to all the kitchen helpers – a fantastic team, working frantically at times, in a great harmony. So blessed to see such a fantastic effort!

nb. The kitchen began preparing each day at 5:00am; and finished at 10:00pm (including all the participants and kitchen dishes, pots and pans washed).

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