NB. Theft of equipment

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

NB. Due to the theft of all our camera & equipment last year (June 2012), Tyrian Pearl Productions has no capacity to provide broadcast quality film footage.  Whilst insurance brought some relief, the overall travel schedule and employment situation meant that it will take some time for TPP to recover fully to be able to have a proper camera and all film gear again.

Whilst we appreciate that no-one wants to know ‘bad news’ stories, and a tough year, we will turn the following hardship into a great blessing – hence, why finally, TPP is sharing the tale. It’s a good warning for anyone venturing out into travelling… don’t trust luggage rooms no matter how securely they are advertised!

In the meantime, TPP is still committed to making stories, by using other camera’s – currently, an iPhone 5; and a smaller JVC travel camera – we’re still telling stories and making films despite the handicaps.. so, stay tuned!

To read all the details about this misfortune, please CLICK HERE.


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