Jaya Khoobsurat has had many years of teaching video production overseas (BTEC Curriculum, Level III [UK standard]) to teenagers and young adults, and loves to encourage and nurture young talents, as well as older students. Jaya will be teaching and guiding all students to make 10-minute film(s), over a three-month period.

12-week course are $1200 per student (non-refundable after course begins, so  please  choose carefully). Certificate of completion of learning modules will be awarded; plus you will make a 10-minute film (in 1-3 groups of 3-10 students) that can be loaded to You-Tube or entered into festivals.

Students provide their own snacks (tea & coffee will be provided), their own enthusiasm, hard work and self-discipline, their own resourcefulness for creating a film, access to all their own camera gear (beg, borrow, hire), and their own laptops (preferably Mac, but not essential) to edit with. Students can use their mobile phones if no other option is available to them but, it would be best to use Mac phones eg. iPhone’s have excellent camera’s!; and each team will need to have access to/ purchase a subscription to the Adobe Premiere editing program (ie. annual subscription for Adobe Premiere Editing software is $30 per month) ie. students will need to have access so they can learn a professional edit. Oh, and good manners go a long way!

MONTH 1: Jaya will be teaching the basics of video production from scratch, and students will have to pitch their ideas, choose one, write a script, organize all gear, fund-raise if they need to, generally, work out how to make a film worthy of a film festival standard.

MONTH 2: Students will have both class time, and filming time ie. using the classroom to gather as the basis for working out their challenges, then will be out filming where-ever they choose to film.

MONTH 3: Learning and completion of the edit under Jaya’s guidance for the final month. We will have a public screening to showcase each film made – TBD by the group. Jaya has many years of teaching experience overseas, working with mainly teenage girls, but she has Produced quite a many short films and documentary’s, so has plenty of wisdom & understandings to share.

WHAT WILL BE PROVIDED? Jaya will provide the teaching venue (whiteboard & film screen), all paper resources, her knowledge, and considerable availability of one-on-one to each group – her time over the three months.  Plus, tea & coffee each week. Looking forward to meeting you all very soon!