Office declutter/Reset

Two desks, both facing the walls. A room groaning with clutter….. Here is the journey:

AFTER – We did not manage to take a ‘before’ shot, but this office desk and seating was originally facing the wall, with clients back to main office space. Reset of furniture turned the desk so that the client can now see all of the office space (including the other clients desk, and also, into their 2nd office [blurred out for privacy]). The client now has a wall behind them for ‘support’. We also removed one section of desk to avoid the temptation to reclutter the desk space, plus removed an additional tabletop; and at least a utes worth of rubbish, old files, old technology, cables, etc, was removed from the room (1 x stationery cupboard sorted, 2 x desks worth of decluttering, plus two additional tables were completely removed which were also covered full of clutter, files, etc). Room thoroughly vacuumed, cords tidied neatly. Really lovely outcome now, to an originally groaning cluttered space. The money corner is now free and flowing and guests have a more relaxed seating arrangement – fresh artificial flowers were purchased.