Conan – The Cook – Organic food delight in Holland – The Netherlands

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Master Chef, Conan Luidens and his band of Merry Cooking Kitchen Hands: the feeding of 600+ people three organically grown meals a day for five days (ie. 9000+ meals), during the ‘Open Up’ festival…

Plus, an brief insight into the work and care in growing the organic vegetables.

Filmed in July, 2015 at Kasteel de Berckt, Barlo (Holland, Netherlands); and at the organic vegetable farm 10kms away, at Neer Holland, The Netherlands De Woag (Province Limburg) – the farm of Boer Wiel, his wife and five children
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TPP LAUNCH: ‘Kids Teaching Kids: Be Aware. Take Care.’ Documentary

August 2013, TPP Launch

Full documentary, ‘Be Aware. Take Care.’

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Screening Flyer: Paper Bricks & Worm Juice

On July 11, 2012, Tyrian Pearl Productions held the first screening of Paper Bricks & Worm Juice. In attendance were an audience of select students, parents and teachers of Sacred Heart Primary School, Mildura (including some of the students featured in the film).

If your school or organisation would also like to hold a screening for educational purposes, we have made available an official Paper Bricks & Worm Juice flyer, which is designed to be handed out to viewers at any public or private presentation of the film.

Download → Print → Cut in half → Distribute