Morphed: Red Swag Films, ESL & Feng Shui

FOR 2022Tyrian Pearl Productions has morphed – we are now TWO legal sole trader businesses, splitting into:

1. Red Swag Films where all film projects will be worked – this is a brand new website and intention;

2. The existing Tyrian Pearl Productions will now be sideline employment of ESL teaching, website building, and a new business of Spit Spot – Feng Shui Decluttering.

3. All our work can be still found in our (now hidden pages) ARCHIVES and TPP WORK sections – just click on the links.

CoVid lockdowns, state border shutdowns, etc, etc, has caused us to have to revise what we can sensibly DO in this time of major upheavals.

If you have any questions or comments, please use our CONTACT page.

This entry was posted by Jaya Khoobsurat.

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