Filming a Food Festival – An eye on Europe


I’m excited. Yes, I am going to Europe for a few weeks (Holland – July 2015).

Along with rest, I will be filming for a festival – food. And I will begin that journey from Copenhagen, where my Mother was born (I have not visited there yet, so this is a thrill). Whoo-hoo!

Having been working in the UAE the past 18-months, teaching film & photography to young women, seeding the new generation of filmmakers of this country, I am ready for a change-of-scenery.

I will do my best to nurture both my own need for some rest; plus explore my own gifts, knowledge and talents; and collaborate with those that come into my professional orbit, towards finalising a least one short film. Stay tuned!

Additionally, I am working towards obtaining two new stingers for my production company (Tyrian Pearl Productions, here on this blog) – fingers crossed, I can work with a talented composer soon.

Wish me luck — and, stay tuned!

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