1. BEFORE – Bedroom is a cluttered, disorganised, mess; lacking focus, goals, just full of several peoples storage goods, too much furniture, no flow to the room.
1. AFTER – With the clutter gone, the room is more streamlined and clean; plus, we reset the left-hand wealth corner with the desk to allow for necessary paperwork, and facing the helpful friends sector (main door) for fewer missed opportunities. Plus a restful chair for feeding the baby – the room now ‘flows’ and is much calmer.

2. BEFORE – Bedroom – Relationship corner is focussed on office desk – no time or space for any kind of relationship!
2. AFTER – Decluttered, furniture reset; now, time for relationship with children!

3. BEFORE – Wardrobe is filled with four people’s gear, so cluttered and dank – not nice energy at all!
3. AFTER – All gear sent back to owners or given to charity; and now, clean and tidy, with just one family of posessions – what a relief!

‘Yikes’, she says…!! LOL!!
4. BEFORE – Room is fully of clutter, messy, without proper structure, with no calm spaces, not restful or supportive.

4. AFTER – Decluttered and reset, this room now, is restful and practical.