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Tyrian Pearl Productions

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“Creative Filmmaking – on a mission to create joy, beauty & prosperity”


Infomercials      Your small business story-line displayed as a short infomercial created for your professional website.

Short films        10-30 minute commissioned work.

Documentary    60-90 minute commissioned work.

Teaching            Video Production courses


To bring the future into the present, and sense the changing impulses of society, we tell stories that reflect and affect the business and wider community. TPP will bring warmth and beauty into your vision, being a no-fuss efficient turnover per project.  Films to be created for internet, social media or streaming; yet retain a high standard of visual quality, storytelling that gets to the heart of the community’s experiences, a warmer editing style than the more clinical mainstream television, using high-quality music – all films will also be adapted and suitable for Corporate situations, Television, Movie theaters and international sales.



Jaya is a freelance film professional and vocal artist, with a wide scope of experience in the entertainment industry.  She is a graduate of Griffith Film School and the Queensland Conservatorium of Music who now – along with English teaching – also works as an independent filmmaker, voice-over artist and professional vocalist.

These unique skills, combined with her English & Video Production teaching abilities, allows Jaya to cater to the needs of actors as second-language learners, and students of film – there is always something new to learn.

After graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts [Screen Production and Music],  Jaya has spent many years of working with young people, and has worked in and around the Australian and International communities; plus been involved with all kinds of productions on both stage and screen (local & independent/ blockbuster & indie), both in front and behind the camera; as both a performing & recording artist (actor/singer); and she has Produced quite a many short films and documentary’s over the past ten years – she has plenty of wisdoms & understandings to share. Jaya is a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society and  a proud member of the MEAA Union that represents Artists, Musicians and Film professionals.

If your company requires a specialized film production tuition package, please use the contact page to discuss your needs with Jaya.  She can tailor packages for general private tuition; or plans for film professionals, singers and actors who require specialised English-speaking voice coaching.


ABN:     609 819 585 69      Tyrian Pearl Productions – Registered until 5th June 2021

REGISTERED BUSINESS:     Victoria, Australia

ESTABLISHED:     2012-2020


MEAA#:     5002354

FOUNDER:     Jacqueline Lewis [Screen name: Pyari Jaya Khoobsurat]


Tyrian* Pearl** Productions (TPP) is a video and film production company, offering select film industry and writing solutions. In addition to TPP’s range of competitively-priced services, the company also develops original projects and seeks co-production opportunities. Original project development primary target areas include documentaries, feature films and short films.  Our philosophy here at TPP embraces the idea that it is important to look after things, so they don’t become lost or extinct; and we work to develop emotional power + intellectual strength through all our projects.

* Watch this film about the further meaning of Tyrian.   Read further the history of Tyrian.

** Pearls form as the oyster protects itself from a foreign ‘invader’ to make – over time – a beautiful shimmering, lustrous gem  (representing in film, the grain of an idea that matures into a beautiful set of images, story line and intrinsic value to mankind).


Tyrian Pearl Productions strives to develop interesting, original, internationally-relevant projects across range of film genres, whilst offering quality multimedia service to the corporate, small business and private sectors. TPP is committed to maintaining a professional, efficient working environment, which fully harnesses the skills and passions of all team members – both permanent and freelance – to drive innovative projects forward.


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