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FOUNDER:     Jacqueline Lewis [Pyari Jaya Khoobsurat]

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Purple pearls symbolise the artistic, wisdom, complexity,
nobility, and passion. Purple pearls are great for those in the
teaching and philosophy professions where education is paramount.”


Watch this film about the further meaning of Tyrian.  
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Pearls form as the oyster protects itself from a foreign ‘invader’ to make – over time – a beautiful shimmering, lustrous gem – representing in film, the grain of an idea that matures into a beautiful set of images, story line and intrinsic value to mankind – a ‘pearl’ of a story.


Tyrian Pearl Productions is committed to maintaining a professional, efficient working environment, which fully harnesses the skills and passions of all team members – both permanent and freelance – to drive innovative projects forward.


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LEGAL NAME: Jacqueline Lewis

ARTIST NAME: Pyari Jaya Khoobsurat

Jaya Khoobsurat is a freelance filmmaker and vocal artist, with a wide scope of experience in the entertainment industry.  Jaya is a graduate of Griffith Film School and the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, with a post-graduate Certificate in Film & Television from the University of South Australia who now – along with English teaching – also works as an independent filmmaker, voice-over artist and professional vocalist.

These unique skills, combined with her English & Video Production teaching abilities, allow Jaya to cater to the needs of actors as second-language learners, and students of film – there is always something new to learn. Jaya has spent many years working with young people, and has worked in and around the Australian and overseas in various International communities; plus been involved with all kinds of productions on both stage and screen (local & independent/ blockbuster & indie), both in front and behind the camera; as both a performing & recording artist (actor/singer); and she has Produced quite a many short films and documentary’s over the past ten years – she has plenty of wisdom & understandings to share. Jaya is a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society and a proud member of the MEAA Union that represents Artists, Musicians and Film professionals.

If your company requires a specialized film production or tuition package, please use the contact page to discuss your needs with Jaya.  She can tailor packages for general private tuition; or plans for film professionals, singers and actors who require specialised English-speaking voice coaching.