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Tyrian Pearl Productions

Script Development | Film Production


“inspiration, passion, professionalism”


*Tyrian **Pearl ***Productions (TPP) is a video and film production company, offering select film industry and writing solutions. In addition to TPP’s range of competitively-priced services, the company also develops original projects and seeks co-production opportunities. Original project development primary target areas include documentaries, feature films and short films.

*Definition; also, watch this film about the further meaning of Tyrian, and how it was extracted; and, our philosophy here at TPP embraces the idea that it is important to look after things, so they don’t become lost or extinct. Also, read further the history of Tyrian.

**Pearls form as the oyster protects itself from a foreign ‘invader’ to make – over time – a beautiful shimmering, lusterous gem  (representing in film, the grain of an idea that matures into a beautiful set of images, storyline and intrinsic value to mankind).

***Emotional power + Intellectual strength = Success in all projects undertaken.

Mission Statement

Tyrian Pearl Productions strives to develop interesting, original, internationally-relevant projects across range of film genres, whilst offering quality multimedia service to the corporate, small business and private sectors. TPP is committed to maintaining a professional, efficient working environment, which fully harnesses the skills and passions of all team members – both permanent and freelance – to drive innovative projects forward.

Business Details

ABN: 609 819 585 69

Registered Business: Victoria, Australia

Established: 2012-2017

Founder: Ms. Jacqueline Lewis (aka, screen name: Pyari Jaya Khoobsurat)

Contact Details

Special thanks to Phatkaysandra from for assisting with TPP’s business development – TPP highly recommends to use her services.