What is Feng Shui?


What is Feng Shui? How do you feel about your living and work spaces?
Are you feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed, stagnant, unable to function like you used to? This could be because your living or work space(s) have been acting like an anchor, weighing you down.

Do you know that Feng Shui is a Science, based on a formula. Our simple-to-follow report (given after your 90-minute in-home consultation), is a step-by-step process to declutter and reset rooms and your environment; we give you strategies that follow the process to ignite that ancient formula.

Are you an Employer with employee problems creating inefficiencies?
Is your family feeling frustrated, having arguments, grumpy, tired, lacking focus? Are family members blaming each other?

Are you ready to commit towards a positive change? Do you have time to declutter? Are you living, selling or renting?

Do you remember Mary Poppins? ‘Spit Spot’ – we will be as a reverse hurricane, to put things right.

Feng Shui is like a form of Alchemy: transforms lead to gold ie. dysfunctional clutter to harmony and a dynamic but peaceful energy.

Our free 15-min Zoom call can explain how you can transform your living space to support your lifestyle and improve your health and finances.

Book your initial free 15-minute Zoom call, to to find out how you can transform your space into an energetic and supportive environment – a time to organise your consultation for a new you, a new beginning to 2022.

Feel the load being lifted as you complete each strategy.

Click HERE at Calendly for your initial 15-minute Feng Shui Declutter Zoom chat, when we will discuss your needs and book the first appointment day/time. We also can offer to do the physical work for the declutter for you if are unable to do that task yourself.

COVERING Gold Coast, Hinterland and Brisbane areas, Queensland, Australia. 

INITIAL Feng Shui assessment (includes personal assessment of home/space and a written report).
Flat rate  $350

Labour & basic cleaning of rooms during declutter process will cost extra, as follows:
– One Spit-Spot person $200 per 4-hours minimum (includes cleaning products, travel costs).
– Two Spit-Spot persons $320 for 4-hours minimum (includes cleaning products, travel costs).

– You are responsible to supply any skips, boxes or bags to cart clutter away.
– You are responsible for any professional cleaning services ie. curtains or carpet cleaning required, repairs, etc.
– Spit-Spot can assist to dispose of and delivery of smaller donated decluttered goods – but for furniture items, you will need to hire removalists – to be discussed during assessment visit.

SPIT-SPOT Feng Shui declutter & reset for home & business
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Our team will be a reverse hurricane, to uplift, clear and restore things back in order!