Jaya Khoobsurat has personally been using these beautiful Magnesium products for more than thirteen years – she has a leg injury from a car accident when she was young, and has had ongoing technical issues; but she can vouch for the effectiveness, and safety of this fabulous range in supporting the nervous system and gaining swift muscle relaxation.

Jaya particularly loves the Magnesium Supplement for Drinking Water (100% magnesium solution) to daily and easily, add drops of magnesium to glass of water, or your tea/coffee; the Spritz Spray (60%) to target acute cramps/spasms or hard-to-reach areas including neck & spine – or, directly in the armpits to go into the lymph glands for quick release into the bloodstream (and its a really effective deodorant(!!); and the Charge Lotion (30%) for any cramping and for general daily maintenance – so slather up!!

And finally, the Baby Calm Balm (5%), which is very gentle – Jaya loves to use this on her face, without any concerns of sensitivity (fragile skin benefits greatly, soothing redness and irritation, whilst keeping the skin clear of blemishes); and for massaging babies/children to assist keeping them calm and sleeping soundly.

Use these products with confidence, slather the creams & lotion liberally each day, spray topically and ingest orally…

And feel the difference!!

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