2016 48-hr Team


B&WJayaJaya Khoobsurat (JCD) – Creative Director of Tyrian Pearl Productions
Jaya is a freelance film professional and vocal artist, with a wide scope of experience in the entertainment industry. She studied through Griffith Film School and the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Screen Production and Music. Jaya is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.


48-hour film project 2016 (Dubai)
Key Creative Volunteers


Zeeshan Shaikh – 48 hour Executive Producer
Zeeshan is using this role as a way to learn more about film-making, and hopes to create short movies, not necessarily as a way to earn money, but to share knowledge and ideas with people, ideas which help reduce tension in society, bring understanding between different cultures/religions/sects. He wishes humanity can get closer to each other  by developing deeper understandings about others’ history, values, wisdom and ways of life.



Firas Morei – 48hour DOP
Firas works as a Director of Photography full-time, but felt he needed to be challenged creatively – he was seeking an opportunity to sharpen his Cinematography skills and broaden his film industry network; as well as be a part of a successful project to use as a ‘calling card’ and to be proud of.



Atlanta Frith – 48hour Director
Atlanta was invited to be part of the 48 hours film festival to be the Director. She has a passion for theatre, acting and film and has studied and taught all three. Atlanta was excited at the opportunity to transfer her knowledge as a theatre director to a film set and felt enthusiastic about the challenge the competition demanded. She states, “Personally I have learnt a great deal through my participation in the 48 hours film festival, mainly about dedication, commitment, generosity and communication skills, this competition is a solid work out on every level.”



Priyanka Geriya – 48hour 1st AD
Self-employed Media Consultant and Multimedia Content Producer. Why I came to 48HFP?  It’s a good way to network with like-minded people, learn how to work under pressure, keep cool and meet deadlines. Taught me how planning and teamwork helps attain a great output and have fun!



Donna Ashworth – 48hour Production Manager
Donna fell into Production Manager role by accident – and discovered how good she was at the role. She was indispensable in the 48hour challenge, assist JCD with a multitude of tasks, from Administration paperwork to helping cast members remain healthy on set!  Her calm manner is an asset to the frenetic atmosphere that can happen during filming, and quite frankly, she was irreplaceable during the entire production!



Nikki Punjabi – 48hour Editor
Being a developer, Nikki’s passion is for film-making and the 48-hour film project gave a good learning curve about the film making process. Nikki is a self-taught video editor and always seeks for good opportunities where he can play with his skills.


PDF of ALL 48-hour 2016 Volunteers


ADDITIONAL TEAM – International contacts

Saravana Kumar

Saravana Kumar T – Wildlife Tour Leader, Naturalist/Travel Consultant

Saravana’s training includes the CC Africa/Taj Naturalist training programme at Bandavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India. He has worked with researchers and photographers in search of endemic & rare bird species in Western Ghats and has also been leading wildlife tours for other wildlife tour operators in India for the last 9 years.  He worked as Field assistant for field guide-book called Jungle Trees of central India (Authored by Pradip Krishen of Trees of Delhi).  He has also worked on projects like Anant Van Botanical Sanctuary. Having completed his Masters of Environmental Science in mid-2014, he now begins a PhD in Biodiversity & Spatial change – impact analysis on floral diversity.  greenstepstravel.com



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