Original Project Development

Tyrian Pearl Productions develops original documentaries, feature films and short films (from the conceptual phase through to final product). If you would like to add your name to our production crew list, work within our pre-production development team, or offer your post-production skills & services, send us a covering letter with your CV attached.

Video Production

We can film your live events, such as weddings, birthdays, baptisms, family history recollections, theatre performances, school functions, and deliver an efficiently edited DVD and/or high quality video file. Your memories and events are precious, thus our attention to detail will ensure they are respected and presented appropriately.

Documentary Production

We are committed to producing challenging and informative documentary projects, from grassroots to mainstream broadcast level. If you have an issue you want exposed to the wider world, a documentary is a powerful means to that end. We can research, script, film, production manage and edit both small and large scale documentary projects, creating a final product that you can share with the world in both hard-copy and online formats.

Website Development

Your customers or fans want to learn more about you, your company, products or services in a simple, convenient manner. A website offers the ultimate one-stop portal for the public to explore what you offer and to contact you. We can create a streamlined, professional website – including content writing – that meets your particular professional needs.

Social Media Services

Just a website is not enough. The vast majority of businesses, organisations and individual professionals now harness the power of social media (e.g. Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Facebook) on a daily basis, to connect directly with their customers or fans. We can design a social media package for your existing website, or build one into a website we create for you. We can also design an official Blog to integrate with your website and social media.

Online Maintenance Packages

Once your website and/or social media setup is in place, you may require maintenance assistance. Maintaining an up-to-date, relevant online presence can be a time-consuming and challenging task. In addition to building your professional online presence, we can offer a number of package deals – ranging from partial to full maintenance – that will ensure the ongoing integrity of your website and social media network.

All-in-One Packages

So, you want a full-length documentary produced, plus bonus interviews and a ‘making of’ segment, plus a record of the official project launch, plus a website and accompanying social media network to promote the film, plus relevant miscellaneous services? We can offer a simple all-in-one package tailored to suit your needs.

Writing, Editing & Script Assessment

Writing is a fine art, a subtle but indispensable tool that forms the basis of all projects – film, websites, promotional documentation, formal presentations, etc. Whether you need content written from scratch, current documents edited to an elevated standard, or a detailed assessment report, we can offer a content package to suit your needs.

Production Management, Narration, Voice-coaching, Event Presentation & other services

Our Team has a variety of skills and experience. If your specific requirements are not met by the above options, contact us to discuss your needs and we will get back to you with potential options.  Jaya Chela Drolma can be contacted as a freelance film professional for services including, but not limited to, Production/Location Management, Narration, Voice-coaching and Master of Ceremonies; whilst Daniel Zalec can be contacted as a freelance writing professional.